What Is Money??

– Saurav Das     

Each and every one of us knows that money is just a medium of exchange but do you know what actually money is? Money is not just a medium of exchange but it’s a border line in our society which differentiate between peoples, it divides a poor person with a middle class or a rich person.

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Money is not just a piece of paper or any metallic coin, it’s something which allots the place of each and every person in three basic categories those are Rich, Middle Class & Poor section. Life is just like a cupboard in which there are three compartments, the upper one is occupied by the richest section, middle one is occupied by middle class peoples & lower section is occupied by poor peoples.

In todays world money is just like a sword of an emperor, if you have it then whole empire is yours, if you have money you have power, you have the strongest support not only for your own but also for your coming generations. In this present era money has got huge meaning & importance, you have a comfortable life, you can fulfill your desires and dreams. But there are people who become ambitious & proudly about his wealth, he/she thinks that he/she can buy anything from this piece of paper but there things which money can’t buy.

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Money can’t buy happiness for an upset person, it cannot won the hearts of peoples, it can’t buy love & respect for somebody, he/she has to earn it. Money can give you name but what about your fame which you have to own, which money can’t give you. Money can’t buy peace for someone who is in need of that. Money can buy cars, bungalows, jewelleries, etc but can’t buy talent of a person. Even we couldn’t purchase time for ourselves. You’re not rice until you have things money can’t buy.


“Money is numbers

And numbers never

End. If it takes money

To be happy, your

Search for happiness

Will never end”

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    February 8, 2019 at 4:11 AM

    Good on paper-unfortunately doomed to fail in reality, sorry..


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