Samsung’s Exynos auto chips and ISOCELL cameras built for connected cars

Samsung has announced that its in-house Exynos semiconductors and ISOCELL camera sensors will now cater to the automotive industry as well. Until now, the two divisions were manufacturing the SoCs and camera technology for Samsung smartphones. However, with the launch of Exynos Auto and ISOCELL Auto brands, we could see the chipsets and camera sensors made for cars in the near future.

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How will Samsung’s mobile technologies benefit today’s car makers, you may ask. With the push for smarter and safer cars, the industry needs more advanced sensors and computational performance. Here’s where Exynos Auto and ISOCELL Auto come into play.

In a blog post, Samsung briefly explains what the Exynos Auto chips and ISOCELL camera sensors are capable of. The Exynos Auto SoCs are tested in the harshest conditions making them extremely reliable. They are also grouped into three sub-categories – Exynos Auto V takes care of the in-vehicle infotainment system, Auto A is used for the advanced driver-assistance systems while the Auto T-series are used for the telematics.

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The ISOCELL Auto sensors want to become your car’s eyes. Samsung brings its a-game by implementing all the know-how from its ISOCELL cameras – the company promises that the ISOCELL Auto sensors are capable of capturing more details in the dark resulting in more precise object identification and better low-light visibility. Applications allow the vehicle to perceive potential road hazards even in tunnels and “other high-contrast environments.”

The Exynos Auto and ISOCELL Auto products will be showcased during the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg, Germany on October 16.


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