NTT Docomo to launch world’s ‘slimmest and lightest’ phone ever made

While Apple, Google and other major handset makers are packing smartphones with ever more bells and whistles, a Japanese company is releasing a phone that latches onto another trend: the rise of the smaller, simpler smartphone.

NTT Docomo is scheduled to release a phone in November that they claim is the world’s thinnest and lightest smartphone ever made, and is designed as a “lite” version with only basic smartphone capabilities.

But this isn’t even first phone produced this year that prides itself on being so tiny. Here’s how NTT Docomo’s Card Keitai KY-01L stacks up against other smartphones that aim to be more ultra-mobile and simplistic than ever.

NTT Docomo

For years, electronics giants are rapidly developing smartphones with large screens. Making the trend bigger and shiny for the phone is a handset that starts next month from NTT Docomo Inc., which can fit in your business card case.

In the case of customers, the country’s largest mobile phone carrier Docomo announced on Wednesday that it will launch ultralight phones in November.

Many people choose to watch videos and play games on their smartphones, manufacturers have made devices faster with large screens. But there are people who want simple handsets that are easy to carry around, NTT DoCoMo President Kazuhiro Yoshizawa said during a news conference to unveil the winter and spring products of Docomo.

This is the reason that the telecommunications firm has come up with a model that focuses on being “simple and small”.

Actually, the phone is very low, because it is designed for people who only need to call, check small text messages and browse the web at times.

NTT DocomoThe phone has 2.8 inch screen and does not have a camera or headphone jack. Manufactured by Kyokara Corporation, it weighs only 47 grams and is 5.3 millimeters-thin – the firm claims that it is the world’s thinnest and lightest phone. IPhone Xs, in comparison, weighs 177 grams.

Electronic-paper technology is used for its performance, so it looks similar to ebook readers like Amazon Kindle. Users are not able to download and install apps.

Docomo said that the phone would be retail for ¥ 32,000.

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