Huawei says its Kirin 980 processor is much faster than Apple’s A12 Bionic

Huawei has introduced its latest flagship SOC Kirin 980 in IFA 2018. The first smartphone to run on it will be Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, coming out on October 16.

Before actually unveiling the phone, Huawei summarized a product in Dubai, where representatives of a company claimed that it would be faster than Apple’s A12 Bionic, which is the latest three of the iPhone Xbox, iPhone X Max and iPhone XR. Has been seen in.

Huawei’s Kirin 980 Features the Same 6.9 Billion Transistors as the A12 Bionic – Company Claims It Is 75 Percent Faster Than the Previous Generation

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According to Huawei, the company has been working on its Kirin 980 for over three years and its chipset manufacturer division, HiSilicon has been focusing on three categories, power and efficiency, intelligence and connectivity. Just like the A12 Bionic, the Kirin 980 features a total of 6.9 billion transistors. However, when compared against the previous generation SoC, which Huawei reportedly has not taken the name of, the Kirin 980 is able to display 75 percent better processing performance, as well as 46 percent faster GPU performance.

Huawei also decided to provide some efficiency metrics; the Kirin 980’s processor is 57 more efficient than the processor running in the previous-generation SoC, and a 178 percent efficiency claim when it comes to the GPU. Though the Kirin 980 is not the company’s first 5G SoC, the OEM has doubled its efforts in making its flagship silicon a lot faster.

The dedicated NPU features real-time processing as well as possessing the capability to recognize 4,500 images per minute. The Neural Processing Unit will also learn over time and make the processor more intelligent when it comes to conserving battery life. Also, the Kirin 980 is the world’s first chipset to tout a Cat. 21 LTE modem, which will result in impressive downlink speeds if you want to measure radio performance.

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Will the Kirin 980 be the better smartphone chip?

It’s hard to really qualify “better” — especially in the absence of cold chipset numbers for the Apple A12, and a clear reference point. The Kirin 980 could be faster, more energy efficient, better value, have more significant implications for AI, have superior connectivity, or have something else going for it that the A12 lacks.

With that in mind, Apple’s custom CPU and GPU designs already have a significant performance advantage over off-the-shelf Arm parts available to Huawei. So it’s unlikely that the Kirin 980 is going to overtake Apple in terms of single core CPU or gaming GPU performance.

In connectivity, it supports LTE Category 21 promising the downlink of 1.4Gbps. Moreover, it carries the Hi1103 Wi-Fi module, proved to be the world’s fastest WiFi chip supporting the download speed of 1.7GBPS. There’s a dual dual-frequency (L1 and L5) GPS having well-defined precision.

Additionally, Kirin 980-can recognise 500 photos in just six seond. It can also identify multiple subjects in a video in real-time. Huawei will start testing the 4.5G networks in India using Kirin 980 very soon.

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